Mr Good Tooth Interdental Brush I Type (1sss) - 10 Pieces

Mr Good Tooth Interdental Brush I Type (1sss) - 10 PiecesMr Good Tooth Interdental Brush I Type (1sss) - 10 Pieces
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Promotes Healthier Teeth and Gums
1sss Min. Space 0.7mm
·         Help improve the oral hygiene of individuals, orthodontic patients, and periodontitis patients.
·         Prevent cavities and periodontitis.
1.     Move insert interdental brush back and forth between teeth to remove food residuals and plaque.
3.     Rinse the interdental brush with water after use and dry it before storage. The interdental brush should be disposed once the brush is bent (maximum one-week use is recommended).
1.     Do not force the interdental brush into between teeth that hurts the gum.
3.     For any discomfort, sour, pain and hemorrhage of teeth or gum after using the interdental brush, please check if an inadequate size of interdental brush is used, the physical condition of the users, or periodontitis. Please stop using the interdental brush immediately and seek for professional consultation and advice if it is necessary.
Made in China.

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